How to self install the ASTRA2connect system.

The ASTRA2connect system can be easily installed by anybody who has basic competence in DIY skills and is happy working on a ladder if the dish is to be positioned at height.

Firstly it is necessary to decide upon where you wish to site the dish. Once this decision is made it is then necessary to decide where you wish to site the ASTRA2connect modem. It is important to ensure that the cable run required from the dish to this location does not exceed the maximum cable run length guidelines. Once the dish has been mounted, the cable has been laid to the ASTRA2connect modem and the modem has been connected up and switched on it is necessary to point the dish properly at the relevant satellite. Watch the video below to see how this is done.

Once this procedure has been completed you will be online and ready to use your connection to the internet.

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