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UK Telehealth is finally coming of age.

According to new a research report, around 2.2 million patients worldwide are using a home monitoring service based on equipment with integrated connectivity at the end of 2011. The figure does not include patients that use monitoring devices connected to … Continue reading

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An MPLS primer.

MPLS is used for a variety of purposes; two of the most common are Layer 3 VPNs and Layer 2 VPNs. But why MPLS? What are the business drivers for MPLS? One of the first use cases was SP/carrier networks, … Continue reading

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Trade up to Advanced UCC from Siemens

Trade In your legacy communications system today and get advanced Unified Communications features for your entire company for free! If you’re looking to simplify your communications infrastructure, move to a cost-cutting IP environment and roll-out productivity-enhancing unified communications, there’s never been … Continue reading

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Spread Spectrum Modulation Techniques

Wireless Local Area Networking technology today exploits a technology which was thitherto mostly hidden inside the shadowy domain of military communications and radar. This technology comprises a collection of ideas which are termed Spread Spectrum Techniques (SST). Spread Spectrum techniques have … Continue reading

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ATM and IP overhead on DSL Broadband connections

There are a number of protocol layers involved in data transfer over a broadband line, each of which adds some overhead. Line rate The actual line carries data using a protocol called ADSL. This includes layers of data framing and … Continue reading

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Bringing the Network Infrastructure into the 21st Century.

Despite the lower costs and increased availability of bandwidth in the UK, network managers are still engaged in a continuous struggle to ensure business applications perform optimally, enabling users to maximise their productivity. Unfortunately, measuring network performance is all too … Continue reading

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Get in the back! The robot’s driving.

The much vaunted phenomenon of automated cars has returned again to the news this week, Read this here. Events like the DARPA Grand Challenge and their ilk continue however to demonstrate that robots can and probably will develop into the way forward for general … Continue reading

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Inmarsat Fleet Global – The Maritime Communications Solution

Fleet Broadband is the smallest, most simple high speed Internet & telephone receiver for maritime communication. It can be set up by an individual with little or no training and operates globally, also requiring no particular training to keep it … Continue reading

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