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How to Set Up a Wireless Network Webcam

If you want to monitor your home remotely with a security camera, using a wireless network camera is the most permanent way to do it. You can make do with a standard USB webcam (or use your iOS or Android … Continue reading

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The Problem of Tailgating in Secured Buildings

One of the biggest weaknesses of automated access control systems is the fact that most systems cannot actually control how many people enter the building when an access card is presented. Most systems allow you to control which card works … Continue reading

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Energy Retrofits and Building Automation Save the Life and Expenses of a Building

The environmental impact buildings have in the UK is at alarming levels — accounting for 40% of the nation’s energy usage and an equal percentage of carbon output, and, when you consider water consumption, waste management and vehicle transportation for … Continue reading

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The EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) metric

EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) is a network protocol that lets routers exchange information more efficiently than was the case with older routing protocols. EIGRP which is a proprietary protocol evolved from IGRP (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) and routers … Continue reading

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Which website shopping cart?

We have recently undertaken a study to determine which of the many shopping cart systems we should use on a customers website. After a long process trawling through the myriad of options we finally reached a shortlist of 8 candidates. … Continue reading

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Tablet Operating Systems and Features / A Comparison

Wedded to the intuitive Apple iOS? Or keen to stick with the Google Android OS you’ve become used to on your smartphone? The choice of operating system for your tablet is as likely to be a ‘brand’ choice as it … Continue reading

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Cisco Blog – Healthcare – BYOD! What do you bring to the party?

Historically Healthcare has the reputation of being behind the technology curve, however the next-generation worker is now driving the demand for the Bring Your Own Device business model. “What? That’s crazy talk! How do I maintain a controlled secure environment?” … Continue reading

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Uk auction of 4g spectrum

The government’s much-delayed auction of 4G spectrum, which will deliver the faster internet speeds and network capacity needed to turn mobile phones into computers-on-the-move for millions more Britons, could raise more than £3bn. Results from recent European auctions, analysed by … Continue reading

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How does a transistor work?

Thousands of textbooks have been written to explain electronics and we haven’t found a single one that can explain the operation of a transistor. Let’s see if we can do better. Here is a picture of a plumbing transistor. We … Continue reading

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What is a Yagi Antenna?

Ask your average person what a Yagi antenna is and they will probably look at you with a puzzled expression. The fact is however that everybody in the UK has probably seen a Yagi antenna and in all likelihood used … Continue reading

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