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Strong cryptography in PHP

If you are a professional web developer, security is an important aspect of your job. If you are planning to store some critical or sensitive data in your web application, like passwords, credit cards, etc, you should use strong cryptography … Continue reading

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Scottish SME’s increasingly adopting the latest technology.

Nowadays, cloud computing, unified comms and virtualisation are the technologies most in demand but it would seem that the public sector will not be the sector who are most interested in them. According to a recent Pearlfinders Index, which monitors … Continue reading

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The rise of the Network Plumber

As the worlds journey through the second industrial (Internet) revolution carries on apace, todays businesses face an emerging challenge. Unless your company has its own “in-house” network professionals it is likely that the demands the Internet places on your business, … Continue reading

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What is a BPDU

In a Local Area Network layer 2 broadcast domain, the Spanning Tree Protocol is a Data Link Layer protocol. It is standardized as IEEE 802.1D. As the name suggests, it creates a spanning tree within a mesh network of connected … Continue reading

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Could ants power Web3.0 to new heights? OSPF v’s ANTS

One of our engineers having recently completed their latest M.Eng block on the subject of “Natural and Artificial Intelligence“, became aware of advances made in the recent decade towards a new paradigm of network traffic engineering that was being researched. This new … Continue reading

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Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

The IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol was designed to keep a switched or bridged network loop free, with adjustments made to the network topology dynamically. A topology change typically takes 30 seconds, with a port moving from the Blocking state … Continue reading

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Web Security – The Problem

Web security has changed a lot in the past few years. It is no longer good enough to take a desktop antivirus scan engine and scan web content. URL filtering isn’t enough. It is not enough to put HTTP security … Continue reading

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Guide to Rural Scottish Broadband Rollout

The availability of easily affordable high speed broadband in Scotland has become widespread in recent years, much as it has across the rest of the UK. However, with around 99 per cent of Scotland’s population connected, it was discovered that … Continue reading

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Managed Security Services – Good or Bad?

The buzz word “Managed Security Services” sparks off a religious debate among the staunch believers and critics of this rapidly emerging phenomenon in the world of information security. The supporters vehemently profess that Managed Security Services should be considered as … Continue reading

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Home Security Cameras & How to choose them

If you have ever thought about installing some security cameras around you home there’s no better time than now. Home security cameras are becoming more and more popular since they can help identify thieves, vandals or just who’s at your … Continue reading

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