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Super Fast Broadband in the UK? – The Facts 24/02/2011

Although the adverts give the impression that fibre is the latest Super fast broadband technology – it isn’t. It has been around since the 1960’s. Over half the population already has access to high speeds courtesy of Virgin Media. Setting … Continue reading

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On Hold Message Adapter for Small / Home Offices

Finally! Now your small business can sound like “the big boys!” We recently found a great little item that allows small and home offices with single-line and two-line phones to add a professional Message On Hold. This MOH adaptor gives … Continue reading

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Hackers hit ‘at least five oil and gas firms

A report compiled by security firm McAfee, has revealed that hackers have run rampant through the networks of at least five oil and gas firms for years. The hackers exploited weaknesses by means of a combination of con tricks, computer … Continue reading

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When did you last review your telephone service ?

If you have not reviewed your businesses telephone service strategy in the past 18 months , now is a good time to think about it. The telephone , like electricity and gas , are services we assume will always be … Continue reading

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An Appointment With the Cable Guy?

Besides perhaps a root canal or a tax audit, few things can be more frustrating than making an appointment to have a telephone guy visit your home or even a long anticipated home delivery. You’re given a four-hour window (if … Continue reading

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Wireless Backhaul Makes Financial Sense

Wireless backhaul, often referred to as fixed wireless backhaul or wireless Ethernet bridges, has become a standard for creating network connectivity between locations. Wireless backhaul can be used for establishing data network connections from building to building, field locations to … Continue reading

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Metro Ethernet Primer

There is a LOT of hype about Metro Ethernet these days. But why all the hype? Well, there are 3 Primary Reasons why metro ethernet is gaining so much traction particularly in the mid range business space. The 3 reasons … Continue reading

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What Causes Packet Loss on the Internet?

Why Packet Loss?: When faced with the typical Global Internet ping time of 300 milliseconds and 1 out of 25 packets being lost (4 per cent) an Internet VPN user with an E1 connection who might expect 10 megabytes/minute throughput … Continue reading

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