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Bandwidth Overhead over DSL connections

Internet Service Providers typically rate their connectivity services based on download and upload bandwidth. So for example you may subscribe to an aDSL connection rated at 2 Mbps (Megabits per Second) download and 1 Mbps upload. The traffic reaching the … Continue reading

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Why Network Designers Specify Particular Brands of Optical Fibre for Their Systems

People sometimes wonder why network designers specify particular brands of optical fibre for their systems, such as Corning SMF-28e. Usually, the designer wants to guarantee the highest optical performance in the network for his customer and ensure fibre compatibility. Incidentally, … Continue reading

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RFID – The New Future of Retail

The future of retail and changes being driven into the retail market by technology have been topics of discussion amongst business leaders and technology visionaries for years. A July 1998 article in Wired titled The Future of Retail authored by Nicholas … Continue reading

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Layer 3 interfaces on Cisco Catalyst switches

Cisco Catalyst multilayer switches support three different types of Layer 3 interfaces: Routed Port – A pure Layer 3 interface similar to a routed port on a Cisco IOS router. Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) – A virtual VLAN interface for … Continue reading

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I.T. Consolidation, Maintenance & Monitoring

With a new calendar year comes a new set of goals and budget challenges for every department in your organization. While director level execs  are working together to maintain or improve vital business services, many of the executives focusing on … Continue reading

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SCADA Security Heats Up

The use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) devices is growing. That growth is expected to continue to soar. SCADA revenues will grow from £3.2 billion last year to nearly £5 billion in 2016. Question is: What about security? … Continue reading

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Social Media sites and their “diverse” username policies

For most companies, protecting themselves online is a fairly straightforward exercise: Watch the internet for references to their name(s) or brand(s), and take action against those that may cause them harm. This process has been sufficient for years, resulting in … Continue reading

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Should I use and IDS/IPS? If so, what type?

Intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems can be quite expensive. As such, a risk-based decision should be used to determine which system is best and where should it be located to provide the most cost-effective benefits. There are typically … Continue reading

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When to Activate Your Continuity Plan: Are You Sure?

How often do we take action on our PC which requires us to answer the “Are you sure” question? The simple reason for that verification: it’s a well-known fact that user errors can cause system, application or data problems. This … Continue reading

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Mission Critical iSCSI Storage Network

Storage Networking is a tricky animal…Our brush with networked storage platforms started from the time we needed few hundred megabytes of shared storage for building a cluster to enable database and email consolidation in the late 90’s. The essential character … Continue reading

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