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Researchers Release Attack Tool That Cripples Secure Websites

Researchers have released an attack tool that makes it trivial for anyone to take down websites that allow users to connect via secure connections. Unlike most denial-of-service attacks (DoS) that require an attacker to direct a network of distributed computers … Continue reading

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Virtual WAN Optimisation

WAN optimisation has been atop the project list whiteboard for many data center managers. WAN connectivity is expensive. By optimising utilization of the WAN you can either lower your WAN connectivity bill or at least delay the need to upgrade … Continue reading

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One Day the Cloud Really Will Be Big: The Economist

“One day the cloud really will be big…” concludes an article in this week’s international print edition of The Economist, an intriguing article that sets out to quantify the size of the three main layers of the cloud computing ecosystem. … Continue reading

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