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Can we really make Autonomic Network systems succeed?

The real world is uncertain. Thats a given. Our networks, at their most fundamental, carry the real world from one point to another and therefore by definition carry that uncertainty during every moment they operate. Any autonomic system which seeks … Continue reading

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Energy Retrofits and Building Automation Save the Life and Expenses of a Building

The environmental impact buildings have in the UK is at alarming levels — accounting for 40% of the nation’s energy usage and an equal percentage of carbon output, and, when you consider water consumption, waste management and vehicle transportation for … Continue reading

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Which website shopping cart?

We have recently undertaken a study to determine which of the many shopping cart systems we should use on a customers website. After a long process trawling through the myriad of options we finally reached a shortlist of 8 candidates. … Continue reading

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Scottish SME’s increasingly adopting the latest technology.

Nowadays, cloud computing, unified comms and virtualisation are the technologies most in demand but it would seem that the public sector will not be the sector who are most interested in them. According to a recent Pearlfinders Index, which monitors … Continue reading

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Nine Tips and Technologies for Network WAN Optimisation

Although there is no way to actually make your true WAN speed faster, here are some tips for  corporate IT professionals that can make better use of the bandwidth you already have, thus providing the illusion of a faster pipe. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Video to Unified Communications

Enterprise Connect was held last week in Orlando. Among what seemed to be a great deal of interesting presentations and tutorials was a discussion on the role of video in unified communications. John Bartlett, the principal of NetForecast, posted at … Continue reading

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Metro Ethernet Primer

There is a LOT of hype about Metro Ethernet these days. But why all the hype? Well, there are 3 Primary Reasons why metro ethernet is gaining so much traction particularly in the mid range business space. The 3 reasons … Continue reading

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I.T. Consolidation, Maintenance & Monitoring

With a new calendar year comes a new set of goals and budget challenges for every department in your organization. While director level execs  are working together to maintain or improve vital business services, many of the executives focusing on … Continue reading

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Be Sure to Plan Carefully When Virtualizing Your Infrastructure

There is a lot of excitement around Microsoft virtualization technologies these days and rightfully so. One of the ‘hottest’ areas right now appears to be making virtual machines highly available using Windows Server R2 Failover Clusters so end users can … Continue reading

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Virtual WAN Optimisation

WAN optimisation has been atop the project list whiteboard for many data center managers. WAN connectivity is expensive. By optimising utilization of the WAN you can either lower your WAN connectivity bill or at least delay the need to upgrade … Continue reading

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