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Bringing the Network Infrastructure into the 21st Century.

Despite the lower costs and increased availability of bandwidth in the UK, network managers are still engaged in a continuous struggle to ensure business applications perform optimally, enabling users to maximise their productivity. Unfortunately, measuring network performance is all too … Continue reading

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Can we really make Autonomic Network systems succeed?

The real world is uncertain. Thats a given. Our networks, at their most fundamental, carry the real world from one point to another and therefore by definition carry that uncertainty during every moment they operate. Any autonomic system which seeks … Continue reading

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Cisco Plays Catchup in DPI Test

If you’re a large enterprise with its own network, an ISP, or a company intent on claiming its own, online, the technology force of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is with you. But it may surprise you who shows up on the … Continue reading

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Alternatives to WAN performance optimisation

Here are some alternatives to WAN performance optimisation that should always be considered: Application redesign or reselection: In some cases, it’s better to replace a few poorly-designed applications instead of trying to alter the WAN characteristics. Backup and file transfer … Continue reading

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Nine Tips and Technologies for Network WAN Optimisation

Although there is no way to actually make your true WAN speed faster, here are some tips for  corporate IT professionals that can make better use of the bandwidth you already have, thus providing the illusion of a faster pipe. … Continue reading

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“TCP: From Data to Streaming Video” a treatise by our Tech Director, Dave Kinloch

As use of Transport Control Protocol (TCP) becomes ubiquitous for streaming video, service providers can achieve the best performance by understanding this technology’s inherent limitations. Highlights * TCP offers an excellent technology for transporting non-real-time streaming video * The right … Continue reading

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Metro Ethernet Primer

There is a LOT of hype about Metro Ethernet these days. But why all the hype? Well, there are 3 Primary Reasons why metro ethernet is gaining so much traction particularly in the mid range business space. The 3 reasons … Continue reading

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WAN Acceleration Steps Forward

The news keeps getting better on WAN acceleration, with wider connections, better monitoring and management, and a commitment by leading vendors to incorporate the technology directly into future networking platforms. The biggest single driver behind WAN acceleration is the prevalence … Continue reading

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Data Compression for Backup and Recovery

Shopping for a data protection solution to help you optimize backup and recovery can be time-consuming… and confusing. After all, in order to find the “best fit,” you need to be certain that each individual element of the solution makes … Continue reading

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Drive the goblins out of your converged network

Small businesses converging voice, video and data traffic sometimes end up with haunted networks, but you can exorcise the demons. Affordable QoS mechanisms are available to oust the goblins that cause delay, jitter, bit-rate errors and dropped packets. QoS tools … Continue reading

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