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The Problem of Tailgating in Secured Buildings

One of the biggest weaknesses of automated access control systems is the fact that most systems cannot actually control how many people enter the building when an access card is presented. Most systems allow you to control which card works … Continue reading

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Increase Guard Effectiveness with Breakthrough Real-Time Event Detection in Sheet Plants

Sheet plants are sensitive areas that need to be strictly protected. As potential┬átargets for thieves or vandals as well as being extremely dangerous environments, even seemingly benign behavior can have seriously consequences. However, the cost of employing human guards, especially … Continue reading

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Debate rages over converging physical and IT security

IT departments are no strangers to turf wars, but the one shaping up between those overseeing computer networks and those in charge of physical security could really get ugly. Unlike past tussles between say, voice and data communications teams, the … Continue reading

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