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Spread Spectrum Modulation Techniques

Wireless Local Area Networking technology today exploits a technology which was thitherto mostly hidden inside the shadowy domain of military communications and radar. This technology comprises a collection of ideas which are termed Spread Spectrum Techniques (SST). Spread Spectrum techniques have … Continue reading

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Inmarsat Fleet Global – The Maritime Communications Solution

Fleet Broadband is the smallest, most simple high speed Internet & telephone receiver for maritime communication. It can be set up by an individual with little or no training and operates globally, also requiring no particular training to keep it … Continue reading

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4 tips to help secure your phone

We’ve heard a lot of news lately about how smartphones are the new frontier for hackers, virus writers, and cybercriminals. We talked to the folks on the Windows Phone 7 team and they haven’t heard any complaints about mobile viruses … Continue reading

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An Appointment With the Cable Guy?

Besides perhaps a root canal or a tax audit, few things can be more frustrating than making an appointment to have a telephone guy visit your home or even a long anticipated home delivery. You’re given a four-hour window (if … Continue reading

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What is the Difference Between GSM and CDMA?

Most modern day mobile telephone network providers fall into one or other of these two camps. It is an entirely US centric discussion as all network providers in the UK use GSM based infrastructure however it is an interesting example … Continue reading

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Predictions for the Future of Unified Communications

Innovation is accelerating, as more vendors and partners embrace software-powered communications, and as organizations worldwide adopt unified communications to meet their employees’ need to work from anywhere and collaborate with others around the globe.   Communications centered solely around the desk … Continue reading

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Femtocells & Relays in Advanced Wireless Networks

With the huge growth of mobile phones complementing with a revolution wireless network technologies there has been a huge change in the consumer’s lifestyle and dependence on mobile phones. With the emergence of smart phones (mobile web) consumers are replacing … Continue reading

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