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Visualising crises outside the visible spectrum

For decades, satellite remote sensing has provided fundamental insights in countless physical science fields such as ecology, geosciences, atmospheric physics, and chemistry. However, as it relates to human and socioeconomic processes, satellite remote sensing is an incredibly powerful tool that … Continue reading

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New Satellite Technology a Possible ‘Game Changer’ for Communications

As the interoperability discussion continues, so does the frustration of many who have worked on this issue for decades but haven’t seen their goals realized. So it makes sense to take a look into the future of what could be … Continue reading

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Increase Guard Effectiveness with Breakthrough Real-Time Event Detection in Sheet Plants

Sheet plants are sensitive areas that need to be strictly protected. As potential targets for thieves or vandals as well as being extremely dangerous environments, even seemingly benign behavior can have seriously consequences. However, the cost of employing human guards, especially … Continue reading

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Traffic Cameras and Video Surveillance in Road Environments

Traffic cameras are an innovative and extremely functional use of video surveillance technology. You’ve seen their footage during traffic reports on the TV news. They’re atop traffic signals and placed along busy roads, and at busy intersections of the highway. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Inmarsat BGAN

It’s been 5 years now since Inmarsat launched its Broadband Global Area Network service known as BGAN. This service has been one of the mainstays of media, emergency and disas­ter response commu­ni­ca­tions around the world. It provides satel­lite reach-back for many … Continue reading

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