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Mobile Satellite Broadband for Events

Events come in all shapes and sizes from little cosy gatherings to gigantic extravaganzas. They also take place in allsorts of locations from city centres to remote mountaintops. Often they will be arranged in ad hoc places which do not … Continue reading

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Reaching a Geographically Diverse Client Base Through Webcasting

Keeping in touch with a geographically diverse client base is a challenge faced by businesses of all sizes, in all industries. On top of that, the requirement to remain connected across what can often be disparate and distributed organisations presents … Continue reading

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The dawn of the networked remote control

Remote controls have been an indispensible, and frequently annoying, part of television watching since Zenith introduced the Space Commander, the first practical wireless remote, 55 years ago. But the days of the familiar clicker may finally be numbered as smartphones … Continue reading

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Budgeting for Enterprise Video in 2011

The dominant topics of conversation for many organizations this month are budget and planning for 2011.   Enterprise Video is an especially hot topic for corporate communications professionals.  But in order to make a sound decision about a video deployment strategy, … Continue reading

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