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Enhancing Oil,Gas and Power Operations – SCADA via Satellite

Oil and gas operations are located in unforgiving environments, from the blistering cold of the arctic to the scorching heat of the deserts and the storming conditions out on the open sea. To sustain secure operating conditions in these remote … Continue reading

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Energy Retrofits and Building Automation Save the Life and Expenses of a Building

The environmental impact buildings have in the UK is at alarming levels — accounting for 40% of the nation’s energy usage and an equal percentage of carbon output, and, when you consider water consumption, waste management and vehicle transportation for … Continue reading

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Increase Guard Effectiveness with Breakthrough Real-Time Event Detection in Sheet Plants

Sheet plants are sensitive areas that need to be strictly protected. As potential targets for thieves or vandals as well as being extremely dangerous environments, even seemingly benign behavior can have seriously consequences. However, the cost of employing human guards, especially … Continue reading

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How to recognise security vulnerabilities in your IT systems

As IT systems continue to extend across multiple environments, IT security threats and vulnerabilities have likewise continued to evolve. Whether from the growing insider threat of rogue and unauthorised internal sources, or from the ever increasing number of external attacks, … Continue reading

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Hackers hit ‘at least five oil and gas firms

A report compiled by security firm McAfee, has revealed that hackers have run rampant through the networks of at least five oil and gas firms for years. The hackers exploited weaknesses by means of a combination of con tricks, computer … Continue reading

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Wireless Backhaul Makes Financial Sense

Wireless backhaul, often referred to as fixed wireless backhaul or wireless Ethernet bridges, has become a standard for creating network connectivity between locations. Wireless backhaul can be used for establishing data network connections from building to building, field locations to … Continue reading

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SCADA Security Heats Up

The use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) devices is growing. That growth is expected to continue to soar. SCADA revenues will grow from £3.2 billion last year to nearly £5 billion in 2016. Question is: What about security? … Continue reading

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