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East Africa: Regional conference on satellite communication

This week, more than 250 delegates from East African countries are gathering for a regional conference on broadband and satellite communication for East Africa. The five-day meeting from 15 to 19 April 2013 is taking place in Kampala, Uganda and … Continue reading

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Could 4G help rural areas get online?

While the government likes to talk about broadband as a commodity, alongside water or electricity, the sad truth is that many rural areas can get little to no service. There have been many false dawns in rural broadband; so is … Continue reading

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Satellite Antenna Pointing Line Of Sight Obstruction Calculator

It is important to have a clear line of sight between the antenna and the satellite. In the latitudes of the planet closer to the poles, the lower antenna elevation angles required increase the likelihood of obstructions on the ground … Continue reading

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How to self install the ASTRA2connect system.

The ASTRA2connect system can be easily installed by anybody who has basic competence in DIY skills and is happy working on a ladder if the dish is to be positioned at height. Firstly it is necessary to decide upon where … Continue reading

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Apogee Internet Dish Pointing Utility

Please type the details of your antenna location into the tool below and you will subsequently be advised of the correct azimuth, elevation and skew angles for your installation.  

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Mobile Satellite Broadband for Events

Events come in all shapes and sizes from little cosy gatherings to gigantic extravaganzas. They also take place in allsorts of locations from city centres to remote mountaintops. Often they will be arranged in ad hoc places which do not … Continue reading

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Visualising crises outside the visible spectrum

For decades, satellite remote sensing has provided fundamental insights in countless physical science fields such as ecology, geosciences, atmospheric physics, and chemistry. However, as it relates to human and socioeconomic processes, satellite remote sensing is an incredibly powerful tool that … Continue reading

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Understanding Polarisation

There are two major types of polarisation: Cross Polarisation (Cross-pol) and Co Polarisation (Co-pol). Looking at cross polarisation initially, there are two types of cross polarization namely¬†circular and linear. Within the circular realm there is the Left Hand Circular, or … Continue reading

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Satellite broadband ‘more flexible than cable’

Satellite broadband services offer greater flexibility than the cable equivalent. At Apogee Internet we stand firmly by this contention. We signed up last year with SES Astra in a widely publicised deal because satellite services are now far more accessible … Continue reading

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Support available from the Welsh Assembly for those in Internet access “not-spots”

The Welsh Assembly has made ¬£2M pounds available in order to help those living in areas in Wales that have no access to broadband Internet. What does this mean? It means that you can get your satellite broadband equipment and … Continue reading

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